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One Day Childbirth Preparation Workshop – (Last Saturday of the month – offered monthly)

This is a specialty workshop that has been part of Prenatal Plus for over 15 years. Come in and learn, embrace this profound time of life together and connect with other couples. How to have a more natural birth in a hospital setting, birth center and/or home birth.

Prenatal women, bring your partner for an afternoon workshop with some individual & partner poses for strength and flexibility, positions for labor & using breathing techniques for better focus, while connecting with each other and baby.  Learn massage and acupressure points to assist Mom during labor and to use to help with postpartum recovery.  Helping Dads better understand what to expect during early labor and how to better help & honor Mom through the labor & birth process.  Learn Safety Infant CPR, with time for discussion on any issues or concerns.  Refreshments served.

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