Rockabye Baby: more of The Beatles

May 16, 2013 by

Rockabye Baby: more of The Beatles

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The Beatles are the most famous songwriters of the twentieth century. Their songs are known by people of all ages. These beautiful instrumental interpretations of the Beatles’ sweetest melodies are just the thing for a hard day’s night. They will glide your little one across the universe, through an octopus’s garden, and lay them down in a golden slumberland.

New releases include:

  • Rockabye Baby! Coldplay 
  • Rockabye Baby! Elton John 
  • Rockabye Baby! Kanye West 
  • Rockabye Baby! Michael Jackson 
  • Rockabye Baby! Red Hot Chili Peppers 
  • Rockabye Baby! U2 
  • Rockabye Baby! More U2

If you don’t see it , write it in & add  to your order!

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