2018 – (3) New Health Benefits

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2018 – (3) New Health Benefits

Welcome 2018!!! The previous year went by so fast, even during pregnancy, time can fly as we prepare for our beautiful newborn.

I would like to mention (3) new health benefits you can add to your lifestyle, or pay more attention to moving forward to help keep you happy & healthy, therefore keeping your family the same.

  1. Let’s honestly look at our water intake as this determines SO much of our health. It is recommened to drink 10-12 (8oz) glasses of water per day. Whether pregnant or not, this will help hydrate the body, hydrate the skin, flush out toxins and create a wonderful sense of balance in the body.  I experienced breast lumps prior to my cycle every month for years as a young lady.  They were not malignant but were bothersome and could have manefested into more.  Once I began following a regimen of high water intake and diet changes, they went away and have never returned.  Water, don’t sip it, drink, drink, drink it! Breastfeeding? drink even more~!
  2. Try, try to eat as Organic as possible. I know some think this is silly, but honestly, our food sources are becoming very toxic and if we do not take charge of the “quality” of food we put in, what do we expect to get out and for how long? We are the vehicle for our babies, and need everything we put in to be the healthiest and least toxic as possible. Especially light skinned fruits, such as strawberries, grapes, etc…Why? because they are all sprayed with toxic chemicals that are getting into the product therefore into the bloodstream as we eat them.  A potato is toxic if not grown in clean organic soil. We pray they are telling us the truth and do the best we can to purchase organic, non-gmo products.  Pineapples, heavy skinned melons and such are edible if not organic as the spray may not have made it through the skin.  For more nutritional guidance, give Debra a call. Documentaries are: The Gerson Miracle, Food Matters and What the Health.
  3. Third but not least is LOVE.  Let’s try to put more love in our hearts, everyday, all day, to help heal the wounds, the hurts, the pain from past and present situations. It may be difficult at any given moment, bring more awareness to your heart and  try to Let go and let GOD.  Love your family, love your partner, love your children, love your World. Support one or two charities that matter to you. Teach your children to care about the World they live in. The Universe has us covered if we trust all that is happening, every moment is for a purpose, and we are to be with it, do the best we can with it, until we are shown the end result.  Love and Faith in ourselves and this “higher source” whatever you conceive that to be, is what will see anything through. 

Stay tuned for the next (3) benefits for 2018!

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