4 Ways to Have a Pregnant Stress-Free Holiday Season

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4 Ways to Have a Pregnant Stress-Free Holiday Season

Holidays bring visions of cheer and laughter, food and warmth, family and friends. But we all know that the holiday season can be as stressful as it is festive. As moms, moms-to-be, or both, certain expectations fall on us to make everyone else’s holiday season special. We don’t often remember to think about how we feel as long as our loved ones are happy.

Pregnancy already comes with unique physical and emotional stresses, so it’s vitally important to acknowledge your limits during the holiday season. To eliminate stress, do only those things you’re actually up to doing, so that you, your baby-to-be, and everyone around you can have a joyous, memorable time.

Here are 4 ways to have a stress-free holiday season during your pregnancy:

Get Organized Early

Lists are a great way to keep track of the things you need to do to get ready for the holidays. Use lists to plan your shopping, decorating, baking, and socializing activities ahead of time. This is especially important if your due date falls anywhere close to main events like the day before or day of holidays, holiday parties, or any festivities. To get organized:

  • Make lists of the people you’ll buy presents for and what you want to get each one.
  • Set a date for big projects, such as when and where you’ll get the tree, if you put one up or when you’ll decorate the house.
  • Plan a few easy treats to make for holiday feasts. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with buying healthy goodies, like nuts, dates, and all-natural cookies, if you’re not up to standing in the kitchen baking this year.
  • Review the holiday party invitations you receive and jot down which ones you need to respond to.
  • Make sure to add some ME time to your list, so you can have space for quiet and rest, as needed.

Be a Guest Instead of a Host

If you normally throw a major holiday gathering, make this the year that you’re a guest rather than a host. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to throw parties after the baby comes and life gets back to normal. Let people know ahead of time that your well-loved holiday gathering will be canceled. If friends or family members push you and your family to attend their holiday gatherings, pop-in instead of showing up early. Show up for a short time to say hello and mak a quick exit if you’re not in the mood to hang around.

Eat Healthy In Spite of the Goodies

Treats are plentiful during the holiday season. If you’ve committed to eating healthy during your pregnancy, don’t deviate from your eating plan. Continue to drink water and natural juices, especially if you need to decrease the risk of swelling. Eat plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and any other healthy foods included in your eating plan. To avoid overindulging in sugary and carb-intensive foods, eat a healthy meal before attending holiday gatherings. It’s also a good idea to find out what your hosts are serving before they unveil the buffet so you can pick out what you’re going to eat ahead of time.

Set Aside Time for You

Your health and the baby’s well-being are the most important things to consider during the holiday season. To stay stress-free, don’t wait until you’re exhausted to take a breather. Stick to your daily routine, take naps when you feel tired, and sit quietly doing things that help you de-stress when you need to. And don’t be afraid to call off any holiday activities you’re not up to attending.

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