Birth Ball

The Birth Ball

You can purchase a birth ball through our “Store” or your local sport shop.

A wonderful tool to assist moms during pregnancy, help to go through early labor easily and ease back and pelvic pressure, allowing pelvic rotation and movement therefore helping baby’s journey down the birth path.  Different positions to rock baby, positioning and rotation so labor is in fact shorter and more comfortable.


Benefits of Using a Birth Ball:

  • Starting at any time during pregnancy, the Birth Ball relieves lower back and pelvic pressure
  • Relieving back discomfort and pelvic floor pressure during labor the Birth Ball is soft and allows movement of the sacrum easily.
  • Allows less hand and wrist strain when on all fours taking baby off the back and swaying from side to side
  • Relaxing muscles in the lower extremities to allow mother less stress and strain
  • Mother labors in different positions depending on what she is feeling i.e. back labor, pelvic floor pressure etc.
  • Widening the pelvic outlet to encourage descent of baby
  • Using the Birth Ball Postpartum to bounce your baby into a peaceful, calm state, Dad loves this one!!!
  • Using  the DVD (included) for abdominal strengthening 4-6 weeks postpartum. Work with your postpartum Doula Debra on postnatal w/baby yoga.
  • Sitting on the Birth Ball while your Birth Companion, Doula or partner massages your neck, shoulder and back feel great!!!
  • Kneeling over the Birth Ball taking all pressure off the hands and wrists allows pelvis to sway and baby to rock into a better position for birthing. Great position for counter pressure for the back and hip massages from your birth companion, doula or partner!!!

Mother should always have someone close by and assisting during labor when utilizing the Birth Ball. As labor progresses it is important to hold someone or lean on a bed to support you during a contraction while using the ball. With any anesthesia it  is Strongly advised Not  to use the birth ball for risk of sliding off or injury.