Doula care, a short story

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Doula care, a short story


There have been many women all around the World who want to help other women with pregnancy, labor & birth.

What a blessing, to have a woman be kind, patient, nuturing and help guide us through this special time. 

Birth is a Celebration of Life, not a Crisis waiting to happen.

A short story about being a doula, celebrating birth with mothers for 20+ years!                                           



All who know me, know I have been doulaing many years. The experience I have had with home birth, hospital birth and birth center births are all amazing. I learn something different at each birth I have attended, some good, some very sad when I recognize the manipulations. In regards to this experience that mothers are continuing to have with some practices, my time at hospital births seem to be improving somewhat with patients choosing doula friendly practices that do not discriminate. There has been at times throughout the years, such inconsideration shown to myself as a doula and even the couple, even lies told to patients about not accepting doulas because doulas interfere, etc. Just a way to control the birth experience.

Honestly, I believe it is not even so much about the doula as the fact that patients are educated and declining interventions. Doulas do not make medical decisions, but advocate for mom’s birth choices. Certified Doulas are well educated and know their “scope of practice” (or should.)

When a doula is there, she is there for the mom, for the comfort, the love and energy that is so peaceful; but that time and patience is not always appreciated by a medical team that practices with typical clocks & interventions.  Take the day to have your baby! Not a rush.



Women and couples now do have “options and choices” so start at the beginning, pick a venue, pick a midwife or friendly ob/gyn as your provider and do not celebrate the coming of new life with “fear.” Our bodies are made to birth our young, as is every female species on the planet. Let’s not allow anyone to “bully” with fearful “what if’s” into what you can or cannot do, or who can be there with you during labor & birth or not. Educate yourselves to understand labor & birth, informed consent, etc. Remember, after all, you are paying the bill. Keep in mind, they as professionals, are allowed to practice their way, so find out early on, and choose a better, ultimately safer path. No matter where you choose to birth, it should be friendly and the best experience it can be. YAY DOULAS! Certified, experienced and present. Thank you for your supporting birth by finding your own special power and strength to birth your babies with love & light. Debra


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