Come in and relax, enjoy learning everything about how your body & baby work together during labor & birth. Using deep relaxation techniques, breathing and guided imagery for labor & birth to help bring  your baby into the World with Calm.  Breathing, Relaxation, Visualization and Deepening techniques. Dads too benefit so much from the techniques. (5) – 2 -1/2 hour sessions, offered every other month.
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Your Hypnobirthing ® practitioner, Debra has been a certified HB instructor for 11+ years, teaching this wonderful childbirth course on how to more calmly & peacefully birth your child.  Also a hypnobirthing ® labor doula (if retained) for continual support on your baby’s birthday!!!

In HypnoBirthing we do not “push” our babies out, we “breathe” our babies into the World.  You can call and/or register online. Never to early in pregnancy to begin HypnoBirthing ®.