My Baby is Breech, now what?

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My Baby is Breech, now what?

During weeks 30-34 of pregnancy, we usually have an idea of how our baby is positioned. IF you find out your baby is sitting in your pelvis, your baby is what we call  “breech.”  

You can start hypnosis, specialty yoga positions (with a pregnancy expert), you can seek the help of an acupuncturist and/or prenatal chiropractor to help with the movement of baby to hopefully turn your baby back to a head down position for birth.  

BUT, we find most doctors simply want to “schedule” the cesarean.  Now you must deal with the confusion and anxiety of what to do and how to deal with the potential surgery after preparing your whole pregnancy for a normal, natural, vaginal birth.

WAIT, there is another option. As important as all of these alternative & techniques may be, more importantly is you, your deep connection to your baby and your innate ability to communicate together! You may not believe it, but it is true, you have a definite ability to talk and communicate with your baby way before they ever come onto planet Earth.

You can continue to give the incentives for baby to rotate by using your positions and alternatives, yet the deeper incentive will come by meditating, communicating and surrendering to your baby. This means  giving up the need to control the outcome.  Surrender to your baby and your body. Leave the decision up to your baby and simply embrace the connection you both share.  Take time to meditate and talk to your baby, let them know it is up to them.  If they want to be born by cesarean you can & will accept this. If they want to have the natural birth you both have been preparing for then ask them to please flip over and let you know they are ready to be born.  

You will feel a profound movement with lots of kicking and belly waves, then you will know! You will know in your heart and body that your baby is now in the correct position for birth!!! You will hold a wonderful, deeper connection after birth if you develop this bond & communication before birth. 

Courage, connection and the ability to surrender. This gives us peace of mind and teaches us to give up the need to totally control situations, especially birth!  All you need is Love! L.O.V.E. Love!2014-06-07 20.06.48

click this link to see a position that helps relieve tight pelvic/uterine muscles and can be used to help create some extra space for baby to turn. 


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