New Podcasts for everything Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond…

Aug 7, 2023 by

New Podcasts for everything Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond…

Greetings All,

After 31 years in this field, teaching, doulaing, training, owning a birth center, training with Ina Mae Gaskin

(the ultimate midwife) and working with the medical field of ob/gyns, nurses, midwives etc…

I have now been able to gather my years of information and experience to 

bring it to you, women all around the globe. Watch for our first coming this Fall.


It is a different world now when it comes to Birth, and we need to understand

the body, what to expect, our challenges and choices, techniques to help us enjoy the birthing process rather than fear it, along with causing unnecessary stress and pain to our minds and bodies. Education is Power.

I will be starting a weekly Podcast for women everywhere!
Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond… with me, pregnancy expert Debra Geymayr. 

I will address topics such as: 


Common discomforts of Pregnancy with alternatives and holistic suggestions

Childbirth Education, what we really need to know, including our partners

Pregnancy Support Wraps, their benefits

Breast Feeding support tips

Newborn Baby Care support tips

Encouraging all of your questions which can be emailed to me at



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