Labor Doula Reservation

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Labor Doula Reservation



Debra is a certified labor, birth & postpartum companion (doula), and an ongoing member with both DONA & CAPPA.   Trained as a midwife’s assistant with many additional abilities to help during labor.  Successfully birthing with couples at Holistic South and most all Miami-Dade Hospitals, Birth Centers and attending home births. 

My belief is that a woman should have a connection with her doula, a one on one relationship which can be established through prenatal yoga classes, with couple’s during workshops and childbirth classes. Having an experienced labor support person to help advocate for the birth wishes of mom and dad. Don’t forget to advocate for what baby wants too!

Deposit is non-refundable.   The total for labor doula care is $1,250.00.  The complete fee can be paid through gift certificate page by credit card or zelled directly to Debra.  The deposit is deducted from the total leaving a $1050.00 balance. Parents and Debra must have a prenatal visit 4-6 weeks prior to EDD.

Deposit for retainment of dates is non-refundable. Doula Debra will contact you for the next meeting once registration form and deposit is submitted. Thank you.

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