Postpartum Doula Reservation

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Postpartum Doula Reservation



As a certified postpartum doula, Debra’s goal is to help new parents do just that be new “great” parents. Helping with everything from baby care, breast feeding support, helping with nutritional planning and/or just getting more sleep!

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Debra is happy to discuss PP care on a sliding scale if needed.  Please call to discuss.

As your postpartum doula, Debra will be with you at your home (daytime) discussing baby care (feeding., diapering, cord care, massage, feeding, and other basics) as well as mother care (massage, dietary needs, as well as physical and emotional changes to expect). Debra will come in to take care of your baby, so you and your partner can sleep. Mom will breast feed if doing so and dad can continue to sleep knowing mom and baby are cared for. You can retain this service before the baby comes or utilize this service once your baby is born. You will receive hands-on instruction in infant and mother care. Day or night time hours available. The rate per hour/daytime is $15.00-$25.00. The rate per hour/nighttime is $30.00-$35.00. (this is determined by logistics and duration of necessity.) Holiday prices vary.

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