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Debra, together with Yoga Alliance,

created the original Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – School Curriculum; 

                                Est. 2011                                 

 Yoga Alliance-Registered Prenatal Yoga School- RPYS



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Taught by Debra Deva Kaur Geymayr, RPYT, E-RYT, HBCE, CD(DONA), CLD, CPD, CPES. With over 30 years of health & fitness experience, dedicated to providing the most informative, complete training including a Teaching Manual, daily Hands-On Instruction with Students.

Automatic Eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance for RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) status and learning all aspects of Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond.

What you will learn:

  • Yoga postures and sequences unique to pregnancy
  • Optimal nutrition for prenatal and postnatal
  • Meditations and mantras to help women prepare for a positive birth experience and motherhood
  • Relaxation and stress-reduction techniques to alleviate doubts, fears, negative programming and patterning
  • Pregnancy anatomy and alignment
  • Common interventions and how to help women avoid those which are unnecessary
  • A conscious approach to labor and birth and tips and tools for managing and transcending the intensity
  • Difference between obstetrical and midwifery models of care
  • Recommendations for the first 40 days following birth
  • Infant care, bonding, breastfeeding and nurturing a newborn
  • Vaccinations – exploring parents’ options and resources
  • First three years – developing trust in yourself and your child, secure attachment and the understanding the importance of self-care
  • Couples classes – how to teach expectant families
  • Clearing our own blocks in order to become authentic and effective teachers
  • How to structure, set up your own class and get it going
  • Networking with your community and others in the childbirth world

Optional training sessions:

2-day, 20 hour – Prenatal Workshop acknowledged by Yoga Alliance for continuing educational hours, bringing a holistic and spiritual approach to pregnancy & birthing.

5-day, 42.5 hour  – LEVEL I, Prenatal Yoga – Certification Course as the first step in becoming a holistic, safe and certified prenatal yoga teacher. Prenatal Plus – Yoga® certification eligibility. Some postnatal w/baby fun training included. Acknowledged by Yoga Alliance for continuing educational hours and may be used toward YA- 85 hour certification, RPYT.

10-day, 85 hour complete – LEVEL I and LEVEL II, Prenatal Yoga RPYT-Certification Course acknowledged by Yoga Alliance, in becoming a certified prenatal yoga instructor. Also included is postnatal w/baby classes for fun and to keep you connected with your moms & babies. Teaching Certificate upon completion.See pre-requisites/requirements below.

Learn safe and beneficial yoga postures for pregnancy with hands-on training, open discussions, together with an understanding of conscious birthing and more.

All information and training manual is included. Discount early registration for all trainings.
Books and local information provided at time of registration.


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification Trainings 

Prenatal Yoga Teacher TrainingPrenatal Yoga TT






Debra teaches with extensive experience in the prenatal – postnatal field. Her doula experience stories I found invaluable. Doreen – Trinidad


Teacher Training - Even men can teach prenatal yoga!

Everything about the teacher training was excellent. All of the material and lessons gave me confidence and I feel prepared to teach now. CV-Miami 2017

Completing my prenatal yoga training through Prenatal Plus Yoga was amazing! I did the 2 straight weeks and highly recommend it. Debra is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the birthing process and I gained so much knowledge that will forever be invaluable on the months leading up to birth and the birthing process.  After completing my 85 hours, I feel now that I have the confidence to go out and teach right away. AH/Jacksonville, FL.

 Course dates

Certification through Prenatal Plus – Yoga, Inc. is applied with (5) or (10) day training.  All hours are applicable toward Yoga Alliance Certification.


FULL: January 27 & 28, 2023, Two Day Pregnancy Workshop, Friday and Saturday (Special 2-day intensive workshop) $550.00 (16 CEU hours) No pre-requisite necessary. Applicable toward Yoga Alliance RPYT or RYT hours.  Great for prenatal women, birth workers or providers working with pregnant women. Privates $750.00.

FULL: April 21 & 22, 2023, Two Day Pregnancy Workshop, Friday and Saturday (Special 2-day intensive workshop) $550.00 (16 CEU hours) No pre-requisite necessary. Applicable toward Yoga Alliance RPYT or RYT hours.  Great for prenatal women and any birth worker or provider working with pregnant women. Privates $750.00.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN: July 7 – 16, 2023, Friday through Sunday (10 day complete training). Complete YA certified 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Certification Intensive Training) $3,300.00 (85-complete certification hours) $2,975.00-early registration rec’d by May 31, 2023.


October 1 – 5, 2023, Level I – Tuesday – Saturday – Prenatal yoga certification training (special 5 day intensive) Applicable toward YA RPYT or RYT hours. 42.5 CEU hours  $1,500.00 tuition.

If you completed Level I and need to continue with Level II…

October  8 – 12, 2023, Level II – Sunday – Thursday – Prenatal yoga certification continued training (special 5 day intensive) Applicable toward YA RPYT or RYT hours. 42.5 CEU hours  $1,500.00 tuition.


REGISTRATION IS OPEN: October 3 – 12, 2023 – Tuesday through Thursday (10 day complete training). Complete YA certified 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Certification Intensive Training $2,975.00 early tuition discount when paid in full by Aug. 30, 2023. $3,300.00 full price.

TEACHER TRAINING provided on private basis with schedule coordination.

Contact Debra at debra@prenatalplusyoga.com for any questions.

Registration is now open for 2023 course dates.

Private/individual training offered upon request.

Course Overview

Prenatal Plus – Yoga’s philosophy is when birthing, women are alone – yet not alone. Women must follow their own hearts and take steps to have a fulfilling and safe births by educating themselves and all who will surround them during the birth process, by acknowledging and releasing the fear they may have regarding the challenges that surround labor & birth today.

Those who teach and serve women must be willing to take special care and responsibility in teaching safely, providing information and helping women empower themselves with regards to these same challenges. You can make a difference!!

This training program will benefit you profoundly if you are: Yoga students of any discipline, yoga teachers working with pregnant women, Pregnant women, women who want to become pregnant or women who have given birth. This course is open to any and all Women!!!

  • Professionals working with pregnant women
  • Yoga Teachers and teachers in training
  • Nurses
  • Childbirth educators
  • Massage Therapists
  • Doulas
  • Midwives
  • Doctors

Join Debra in learning how to teach women, experiencing the most profound time of their lives – during pregnancy. Help them create the proper environment, inner faith and strength emotionally, physically & spiritually. An ancient journey which brings mothers-to-be together, sharing knowledge, song, inner strength and celebration as a new soul grows within, helping to prepare for their challenges, choices and changes through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Two Day Pregnancy Workshop – Come and enjoy prenatal yoga, learn safe and beneficial ways to help pregnancy be healthy and happy.  Includes: limited anatomy, breathing and relaxation techniques, chanting for inner awareness, poses for common discomforts and strengthening the body for labor. This workshop is great for any one pregnant and all who work with prenatal women.

Level I  Teacher Training includes: TRAINING MANUAL

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the pregnant woman
  • Common discomforts of Pregnancy
  • Routine/sequencing a safe prenatal-postnatal yoga class
  • Hands-on teaching practice – attending and teaching right from the start
  • Hip openers, healthy back poses and more…learn to modify for safety.
  • Breathing and Meditation techniques to release fears and doubts about birthing
  • Understanding the birth process, therefore understanding the physical changes women go through.
  • Alternative poses, homeopathy, therapeutic approach to labor and birth
  • Chanting & Meditation time
  • Early postpartum care and awareness
  • Certificate for 42.5 training hours and PPYT (Prenatal Plus Yoga Teacher) certification status

Level II Teacher Training includes: TRAINING MANUAL

  • Includes All of Level I
  • Learn the state of healthcare in the US
  • Learn to teach about challenges and choices we have during pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Interventions and drugs causing higher Cesarean surgeries
  • Helping women connect to themselves, their babies and others to prepare for this joyful Celebration of Life
  • Fetal positioning, breech, poses to assist in rotating baby
  • Learn anatomy and physiology of the pregnant woman (con’t)
  • Breathing techniques for pregnancy
  • Yoga postures specifically for strengthening and relaxing the body and to help alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy (con’t)
  • Chanting to release fear and chakra opening
  • Breathing and meditation techniques to release fears and doubts about birthing
  • Nutritional care for prenatal and postnatal moms
  • Sequencing a prenatal/postnatal class, and general routine of yoga poses with hands-on practice
  • Learning about postpartum recovery
  • Marketing your practice, meeting new friends and other teachers.
  • Certificate for 85 complete hours – YA and PPYT certification status

85 Hour Training includes all of the above and hands on training with pregnant moms.

Gain knowledge from experts in midwifery and acupuncture for pregnancy and postpartum. Also, learn how to help with different fetal positions i.e. occiput posterior, breech, poses for healthy back and hips, relaxation and breathing techniques for pregnancy and labor, partner poses for labor, and what can be done if drugs are used.  Learn about Doula care and homeopathy for labor and birth. Early postpartum period includes healing from a cesarian birth, opening the chakras with chanting, breathing and meditation.

5-day, Level I and Level II, and 10-day training, also include learning how to create a gentle, safe and fun Postnatal w/baby Yoga class (or mock class) using poses that include baby, help Mom’s regain abdominal strength, while sharing and supporting each other, with song, dance & connection.

Five day training will help anyone working with pregnant women learn how to guide them with safe yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation to help prepare mothers to be for the challenges of labor & birth. Learn what current research shows about c-section rates and how to help women safely prevent unnecessary surgery. Certificate of Completion will be given with continuing hours toward completion of Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Applicable to Yoga Alliance for continuing education hours toward RPYT certification.

Prerequisite to receive”teaching certification” for PPY’s course you need to have Either a basic 200-hour yoga teacher certification, 200-RYT, or a one year yoga practice with an understanding of yoga poses, standing, sitting, forward bends, backbends, inversions and restoratives.

Complete at least a 5 day Level I or 10 day training and pass testing.  You will receive a Teacher Certificate from Prenatal Plus – Yoga®, with PPYT status.

If you want to receive  “Yoga Alliance Certification”, RPYT designation, these continuing education hours may be used toward prenatal yoga teacher certification but YA will require you complete a RYT training and complete the 85 hour prenatal yoga training to obtain the RPYT initials.  Level I or Level II training will certify you to teach through Prenatal Plus – Yoga PPYT status.

Note: you do not need to be a teacher or have a yoga certification to receive aCertificate of Completion”

Prenatal Standards -Yoga Alliance Requirements

Debra takes you through this journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Whether for yourself, to teach pregnancy yoga or simply working with pregnant women this is an amazing training and education. Over 15,000 hours teaching since 2001. Specializing in Pregnancy and Postpartum.

General Background In the Specialty Area 5 hours- 5 contact hours

Understanding the yoga teacher’s relationship with health care professionals. Knowing when to suggest that the student consult a health care professional regarding pregnancy issues. Understanding of psychological considerations during pregnancy and how to differentiate between high-risk and non-high-risk pregnancy.

Techniques Training/Practice -25 hours
18 with primary E-RYT

Includes yoga techniques specialized to the needs of the pregnant woman, including practice and teaching skills for trimester-specific yoga techniques. Techniques include: alignment for the expectant mother, appropriate yoga techniques for each trimester, how to practice yoga techniques safely and relaxation and stress management techniques.

Teaching Methodology -10 hours 6 with primary E-RYT

Includes design of lesson plans for the beginning and/or advanced student during each trimester.

Anatomy and Physiology -10 hours
10 contact hours

Human anatomy and physiology (both physical and subtle body) related specifically to considerations during pregnancy. Topics include but are not limited to: overview of what is normal anatomy and physiology during pregnancy, how organs function during pregnancy, overview of the complications, including miscarriage, premature labor, hypertension, preeclampsia and body mechanics.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Prenatal Yoga Teachers – 5 hours
5 contact hours

Includes traditional yoga philosophy as it may apply to lifestyle and well-being during pregnancy.

Practicum – 20 hours 6 with Primary E-RYT
6 with Primary E-RYT, at least 1 hour as lead teacher

Remaining Hours – 10 hours

Hours to be distributed among educational categories according to the school’s chosen emphasis (may be contact or non-contact hours).

Total : 85 hours:Total Contact Hours: 75

Additional Teaching Outside Curriculum: 30 hours – need to be done following the completion of training.

To register for Course:

Submit your Online Teacher Training Registration Form


Download & print the Teacher Training Registration Form

Once your registration is received and reviewed, there are three required book titles which will be forwarded to you via e-mail along with hotel recommendations and transportation/restaurant information.

The books do not have to be read before the training but should be present at the training with you. They can be purchased through Amazon or at the studio. The actual schedule is given the first day of training. You will also receive a list of local hotels and area information.  The Miami Int’l Airport is 15 minutes from the studio, so no car rentals are needed. Please feel free to call or e-mail Debra with any questions and for further details.


Your Hostess, Guide and Teacher:

Debra Deva Kaur Geymayr, RPYT., E-RYT, HBCE, CD(DONA), CLD, CPD, CPES  has been teaching for over 30 years, specializing in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum care. Teaching hundreds of women and couples to embrace this special time and assist them in learning the tools that can help them let go of fear and prepare to experience a calmer, more holistic, natural birth. Debra is a professional labor & postpartum doula (woman who “mothers the mother” assisting in labor & delivery) and a Midwife’s Assistant, trained at “THE FARM” with Ina Mae Gaskin and staff.  Debra has been assisting births in hospitals, birth centers and home births for over 10 years and counting… (helping couples with home/baby care following birth), a certified Childbirth Educator in HypnoBirthing® and Creator of the nationally recognized video “Yoga for Pregnancy.” Debra has her spiritual name given by master teacher Yogi Bhajan. Your will learn a variety of styles for teaching your students.

Come join me and embrace this time together as you are guided on how to teach women safe and beneficial ways to enjoy their pregnancy, prepare for an easier more mindful labor/birth experience and connect with their inner faith & wisdom through it all.  You will learn through both observing and hands-on participation. Through education, information and participation you will learn how to help women understand more about pregnancy and be able to make conscious choices for their baby and themselves.


To Register for our Teacher Training program, please complete this

Teacher Training Registration Form


Come together and experience the joy in teaching Prenatal Yoga
Taught from the Heart©

  If you would like to sponsor a training in your area please e-mail debra@prenatalplusyoga.com

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