Private Instruction

When we make time to rest, practice and listen to the heart and body, we heal, learn and grow.

Private Sessions & Instruction

In the privacy of your home or at the yoga studio, one on one instruction to achieve the best results to suit your needs & goals. Postures and breathing to strengthen the body, gain flexibility and reduce stress. Relaxation to balance the mind, body & spirit as one.

Private instruction is offered for Prenatal yoga, Adult and children’s yoga, Hypnosis for birth, breech presentation & anxiety and stress. Childbirth education, and post birth body sculpting & yoga.   Clients are always kept confidential.  Reservation is required.

Debra has over 20 yrs. experience teaching fitness. Working with clients in the comfort of their home or at the yoga studio location in Coral Gables. Sessions are exclusively set up for what each individual or couple needs. It may be for any of the above sessions.
The devotion is to help establish and accomplish a “practice” so everyday life is improved, breathing is deeper and more relaxation is able to come into your life. We learn to become aware of our breath, more capable of coming back to a healing space so stress and tension does not get the better of us.  This is a life style awareness and if used every day will certainly make the journey more joyful and less challenging.  Learning to Let Go and appreciate the guidance.

Call Debra for pricing and time availability. 


Private Group sessions:

Meet at the park, the studio or with space agreed upon, get a group of friends or co-workers together for a session focusing on stress reduction and stretching to open the body for increased flexibility and tension release. Balancing poses for concentration with breathing techniques to relax and stay calm in most any situation. Gentle neck and shoulder massage included. Group sessions run one-half hour to 45-minutes. Special group rates for ten or more.

This is a segment to help release strain in the neck and shoulder areas, establish deeper breathing to help relax each individual during stressful moments of the day and hopefully bring this into everyday living (including weekends)!

Call Debra for pricing and time availability.  Reservation is required.